Mobile Apps for Facebook

Mobile Apps for Facebook:

Where do you even start?  There are apps for just about anything.  Just today, I saw a magazine Horse and Rider ( listing 27 hot apps for the equine enthusiast.  Software developers all over are creating apps.  When it comes to facebook apps, click on home an don the left select the app center (you must be logged in your facebook account) to see these mobile apps).

Facebook screen shot of mobile apps



Also see this great article by Eric Griffith on


20 Best Facebook Apps

Aren’t sure what you should do on the social network after you update your status? Here are 20 of the coolest apps to keep you busy.

By Eric Griffith

Apps are everywhere: on your phone, on your tablet, and, of course, on your computer. So, it’s no surprise there are also hundreds of them available to users of the most popular social network around, Facebook.

They come in many flavors, from useful utilities to fun timewasters, like games. You see them pop up in your feed all the time when Mobile Apps for Facebookpeople have apps automatically post updates, be they horoscopes or requests for crops. When Facebook was in the early stages, it seemed impossible to avoid being asked to be part of a mafia war. Those dark days are behind us, and Facebook is now home to a slew of fantastic apps.

However, Facebook, in its infinite wisdom, recently decided to phase out its online app directory, opting to let users search for the apps they want to run. Considering that only about 0.5 percent of Facebook users ever used the directory, you probably aren’t missing much. But just in case you don’t know exactly what apps to search for, here’s our collection of what we consider the 20 coolest apps available on the service.

Note that a lot of these apps won’t run if you’ve enabled secure browsing with Facebook (so the URL starts with https://). You’ll need to turn off that security feature if you want to have some Facebook fun.


Mobile Apps for Facebook – what some one needs to develop now is a great app just to rate other apps.  No – that already exists!

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